SVMA welcomes three new members

SVMA would like to welcome its three newest members:

Mark Smith of SCA Commercial Real Estate, Marcie Shelton of The Leaders Partners, and Caleb Harris of Covenant MFG.  Please feel free to reach out to them if you need commercial real estate support, human resource guidance, or contract manufacturing services.

“Leadership Support and Solution for Sacramento Manufacturers…Now and in the Future!”

SCA Commercial Real Estate

Founded by Mark Smith in 2021, CA Commercial Real Estate is a brokerage firm based in Sacramento California, serving the greater Sacramento region’s businesses and property owners with leasing and property sells services. DRE 02019665

The Leaders Partner

Founded by Marcie Shelton, The Leaders Partner enables leaders and teams to achieve their vision by aligning behaviors to strategies, connecting people with purpose.  Marcie brings over 20 years of human resource leadership experience to clients, addressing their leadership and people challenges.    Marcie brings a wealth of experience as an HR leader for many large manufacturers across the U.S.






Covenant MFG (CMFG)

My name is Caleb Harris, and I run Covenant MFG (CMFG), a precision mill machine shop, with my wife, from our shop in Rocklin, CA. Thanks to Pete Reynen of ACM Machining for inviting us to join the SVMA.

I started Covenant MFG after several years working for, and learning in, precision manufacturing production and job shops as an operator, then a machinist.

Being in my early 20’s, I sensed a need as a retiring generation of skilled machinists and shop owners have retired from the industry, leaving an unfilled demand for machining services.

I saved up and bought my first VMC in 2021 to take on job shop work on the side.  We started by tackling difficult, low volume, expedited parts, and grew from there.  After moonlighting for several months, we launched Covenant MFG as a full-time business.  We have steadily added capabilities for tighter tolerances and faster production. We started and continue as a zero-debt company, allowing us to provide a rigid, reliable service no matter the state of the economy.

We’re also active on social media, especially Instagram (@covenentmfg), and enjoy engaging with the next generation of skilled tradesmen, and women entering the workforce.

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