Powerlift Dumbwaiters, Inc. September 29, 2023


The year was 1972. John Reite, a son of Norwegian immigrants with experience in designing and installing garage doors, started making and selling his own design for residential and commercial dumbwaiters. His business was incorporated with his son, David, by his side and after that became a family affair with several of his sons involved over the years. Their first patented dumbwaiter design was built in the family’s barn!

Decades later, John’s sons keep Dad’s entrepreneurial spirit strong as Powerlift Dumbwaiters, Inc. designs thousands of units for customers around the world. Today, Powerlift Dumbwaiters are in use in homes and businesses on almost every continent and in over 40 countries. Located in the foothills of northern California, our focus is to provide an affordable, quality dumbwaiter while our driving force is safety and convenience for our customers.  Below is an image of a Powerlift Dumbwaiter installed in a home.  Looks like a perfect furniture addition to the home!

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