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In recognition of International Women’s Day, the Sacramento Valley Manufacturing Alliance (SVMA), would like to recognize some of the Women in Manufacturing in the Sacramento Region and share their stories with the region’s manufacturers.

Nadia C. Mendoza,
FMI Manager, Siemens Mobility, Sacramento

Nadia Mendoza is a Final Modification Instruction Manager at Siemens Mobility in Sacramento, CA.  Nadia is responsible for any supervising final modifications to trains before being shipped out. Nadia has been employed by Siemens for just over one year, recently completing her BS in Mechanical Engineering from Sacramento State.

Nadia’s pathway to Siemens has been neither straight, nor easy. As the single mother of 3 children and a survivor of domestic violence, Nadia has faced challenges few of us can imagine: homelessness, limited financial resources, lack of affordable day care, an unreliable vehicle combined with the daily challenges of using public transportation to transport her children to and from home, day care, work, and school.

Even with these challenges, Nadia utilized every available opportunity to support her family, complete her degree and focusing on her dreams and never giving up on herself. SVMA first met Nadia in 2020 when she enrolled in a Manufacturing Pre-Apprenticeship Program at the Charles A Jones, followed by the CA Mobility Center, and eventually Siemens Mobility.

Nadia shared that her personal life experiences, limited exposure to work, and the challenges of being a low-income Hispanic woman have been her biggest challenge as a woman in manufacturing. She knows that she is already behind her male counterparts. With that said, Nadia has her sights set on achieving her Professional Project Manager certification. Fortunately, the Sacramento State School of Professional Development is just down the street from Siemens Mobility.
Nadia’s recommendation to attract more women into manufacturing, “Women face a multitude of responsibilities, beyond just going to work. If manufacturing wants to attract more women, we need support not just their professional development but also provide flexible work schedules and partner with community and government organizations to provide the social networks to support women.

Nadia shared that she was blessed to have the support of many women and men throughout her college journey. “I think that is one of the many things that makes CSUS a great university. The faculty helped and encouraged me in my personal life and career. They were there when I needed them the most.”

Nadia’s final words of advice to women interested in manufacturing, “Never give up! If you truly want to achieve your goal, find a way. Some doors may close, but that is just another opportunity to find a new door. Be open and flexible to the different paths that lead to your goals.”

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